Sunrise Succulent Terrarium Phone Charm


Sunrise Succulent Charm Strap

Sunrise is a native from South Africa. Her rosette like leaves contains beautiful color tones of deep red, purple and green hues, characterized by pointed thick fleshy leaves. Their new leaves grow out as green and could change color with varying amounts of sunlight applied. 

In addition, fine white hairlike filaments grow from the bottom up to the leaves which gives extra visual appeal. They can reach height of approximately 3 inches, with leaves about 3/4 inches wide. The flowers they bloom are of pink to purple colored and grow most in the spring and summer seasons, and dormant in the winter when transplanted.

♥ Mini Plant Info ♥

Genus name- Anacampseros Rufescens
Origin- South Africa
Watering frequency- 15-20 Days
Sun requirements- Part Shade

Each plant charm comes with a strap and dust plug accessory.

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