Scarlet Dragon Succulent Terrarium Keychain


Scarlet Dragon Succulent Keychain

***Current plant specimens are tiny baby size ***

Scarlet Dragon is a beautiful hardy succulent native to Japan and Korea. Her leaves feature a reddish hue on the outer surface, and green on the inner which changes colors according to the light level. This species are extremely cold hardy and tolerate most weather conditions. New leaves are formed in the inner core with older leaves to shed on the outer.

Their growth characteristics are of 4 inches in height with approximately 2 inches in horizontal spread. New plants are reproduced by self propagation through offshoots from the mother plant.

♥ Mini Plant Info ♥

Genus name- Orostachys japonica
Origin- Japan & Korea
Watering frequency- 10-14 Days
Sun requirements- Shade/ Light Sun

How to water

Watering your plants is simple! Tiny holes are located on the bottom of the capsule, which allows the moss media to absorb water when you place them in shallow water.

What if plant outgrows capsule?
Your plant when large can be removed from capsule to be in a potted setting for you to further care for it. How to remove plant is included with instructions.

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