Lucent Gem Succulent Terrarium Necklace


Lucent Gem Succulent Necklace

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Lucent Gem is an attractive Haworthia succulent from South Africa. The leaves this succulent contains is one of the most beautiful and unique due to its semi-transparency, and is even more pronounced when placed against a light. 

Many Haworthia species plant including Lucent Gem are commonly mistaken for as Aloe Plants due to their similar fatty leaves and shape. They are also known as nickname “Miniature Aloes”.

Their average size is about 3-4 inches, with flower blooms of white in color. They prefer be kept mostly in the shade with partial sun and will not tolerate intense direct sunlight. 

The oversight for this succulent is high, as it is sensitive to over/under watering conditions and does not tolerate neglect well. This succulent is recommended for experienced or returning customers who wish to take care of this beauty.

♥ Mini Plant Info ♥

Genus name- Haworthia cooperi
Origin- South Africa
Watering frequency- 7-10 Days
Sun requirements- Shade/Part Shade

Necklace Chain Selections

- 27' Silver Ball
- 27' Bronze Ball 
- 28' Antique Bronze 
- 28' Silver Alloy
- 24' Bronze Brass
- 24' Silver Brass
- 20' Kid's Silver Ball



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