Little Gem Succulent Terrarium Keychain


Little Gemstone Succulent Keychain

Little Gemstone is a true darling of succulents, her unique look and beauty comes from a hybrid mix of Cremnophlia and Sedum. She is characterized by her clusters of short thick pointed rosette leaves and great color tones of purple, red and green. They reach average adult heights of approximately 6 inches.

♥ Mini Plant Info ♥

Genus name- CremnoSedum
Origin- Central America
Watering frequency- 20-30 Days
Sun requirements- Light Shade/Full Sun

How to water
Watering your plants is simple! Tiny holes are located on the bottom of the capsule, which allows the moss media to absorb water when you place them in shallow water.

What if plant outgrows capsule?
Your plant when large can be removed from capsule to be in a potted setting for you to further care for it. How to remove plant is included with instructions.

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