Coral Cactus Terrarium Phone Charm


Coral Cactus Plant Charm Strap

Coral Cactus is a Jungle type cactus that is found in the tropical rainforests of South America and other surrounding wet regions. Many unsuspecting plant lovers and people have easily mistaken this cactus as a normal regular plant or succulent. 

Their growth characteristics are mainly of sprawling horizontally, and is often found growing on top of trees and rocks in their natural habitats as they are a type of Epiphytic type plant. 

The caring needs of this unique cactus is very similar to succulent plants in that they require water about 2-3 times a month when medium is dry. Although this cactus requires a bit more maintenance, their beauty and allure is worth the time to tend to.

♥ Mini Plant Info ♥

Genus name- Rhipsalis Cereuscula
Origin- South America
Watering frequency- 10-14 Days
Sun requirements- Partial Shade/ Shade

Each plant charm comes with a strap and dust plug accessory.

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