Baby Donkey Tail Succulent Terrarium Necklace


Baby Donkey Tail Succulent Necklace

Baby Donkey Tail contains a very nice greenish to blue hue with short round fleshy leaves. It's leaves resembles Jelly Bean like appearance and can change color with varying amounts of sunlight applied. Her trailing growth gives an appearance like a tail. Her leaves can also be easily propagated into new plants.

♥ Mini Plant Info ♥
Genus name- Sedum Burrito
Origin- Mexico
Watering frequency- 15-20 Days
Sun requirements- Light Shade 

Necklace Chain Selections

27" Silver Ball (Made in U.S.A Medical Grade 304 Stainless Steel Nickel Free)
27" Bronze Ball
28" Antique Bronze
28" Silver Alloy
24" Bronze Brass
24" Silver Brass
20" Kid's Silver Ball (Made in U.S.A Medical Grade 304 Stainless Steel Nickel Free)

How to water
Watering your plants is simple! Tiny holes are located on the bottom of the capsule, which allows the moss media to absorb water when you place them in shallow water.

What if plant outgrows capsule?
Your plant when large can be removed from capsule to be in a potted setting for you to further care for it. How to remove plant is included with instructions.

** Plant info and care card is included with each purchase **

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