To transplant your plant into a new potting or terrarium container, remove the capsule cover and identify which type of base is used to hold your plant. We use two types of bases to hold these plants in place. One type is a half split base, the other type is full base with plastic retainer ring.

Below we will walk you through removing the plants from these 2 different types of holders and to transplant your plant safely into its new home.

Half Split Base

1. Remove the capsule cover from the base.


2. This type of base is a half split base. Notice that there is no white plastic retainer ring that is present from the other type.


3. Firmly grip each side with your fingers and pull apart. You may use a plier tool if having difficulty separating with hands.


4. After the half split base is separated, use a small thin point to push one of the sides to pop out the plant.


5. After the plant is out, be careful pull away the moss media as the roots are attached.


6. Next fill a dish with water and place the plant onto the water. The purpose of this is to loosen the roots slightly before placing into it's now home.


7. Let the plant soak until the moss wet and soft.


7. Pick up the plant and gently use fingers to roll the sides of the moss to loosen the roots. It is recommended to keep most of the moss on the roots as long as it is loosened.


8. Place your plant into it's new home. No watering is needed into the soil as your plant is already watered from the earlier steps of loosening the moss.

*** Note that all cactus and succulent plants require special cactus succulent type soil that is different than regular soil for house or garden plants. When purchasing cactus succulent type soil in your local store, be sure to add additional perlite or pumice. ***


Full Base with Plastic Retainer Ring

1. To remove your plant from a full base with plastic retainer ring, first remove the capsule cover.

2. Next step is to loosen the ring from the base. Find a small rounded point to push down hard on one end.


3. The ring should be loosened from one end and sticking out from the base.


4. Next use a small paper clip or thin tool to pop out the plant from the holes on the bottom. Be sure insert the paper clip from the outer holes as pushing from the direct center may puncture the plant itself.


5. Use a scissor to cut each end of the ring.


6. Slowly cut the ring from one end and then cut the opposite side. This will remove the ring from the plant.


7. The plant now is ready for you to soak and loosen the moss for transplanting.

Note : Certain Cactus Plants for Full Base may have small amount of non toxic plant based glue as supporting adhesive due to their thin rooting system. You may remove cactus from adhesive and place directly onto the soil to grow. In time new roots will be grown to establish their growth.


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