Snow White Cactus Flowering


Cacti, like most plants of nature blooms flowers as a way to reproduce and survive. While a cactus with flowers is not often seen, it is quite a sight to behold as a rough looking plant with thorns would have such beautiful and delicate flowers to grow out of them.

Each species of cactus plants blooms flowers at different ages of maturity. There are some cacti which would only bloom at 40 years of age, yet there are other species that would start blooming within 1-2 years. Snow White cactus is one of the types that would bloom flowers at a young age. 

In order to make a cactus bloom its flowers, a close simulation and understanding of its natural habitat is needed to improve the chances blooming. In their natural habitat during the winter months, cactus plants take in very little water and is dormant for the season. This cold season is their time of rest and is very important to not disturb this cycle by giving them too much water.fertilizer or care. Watering once every 4-5 weeks and placed in a bright windowsill is sufficient.

When spring is here, now is the time to water your plant with light fertilizer about 3-4 times a month and placed in an area with good sunlight and air circulation. 

Following these steps will best improve the chances of your Snow White Cactus to flower. If your plant is in the terrarium capsule, caution is needed to ensure moss media is dry within 2-3 days after each watering session as waterlogged moss can damage the roots and plant. 

Basic Tips to Improve the Odds of Snow White Cactus Flowering

Winter Care

1. Place your plant on a windowsill or location with bright natural light.

2. Water lightly once every 4-5 weeks. (no fertilizer)

3. Let them be dormant and do not disturb. Less care and neglect is good.


Spring/ Summer Care

1. Place your plant to in a location with natural sunlight and air circulation

2. Water your plant about 3-4 times a month with light cactus fertilizer ( 1/10 of strength)

3. If your plant is in its terrarium casing, it is recommended to remove the capsule cover for flower bud to extend and mature.

4. In addition with the frequent watering schedule, it may be best to transplant your cactus to normal potting with good drainage to protect its roots and plant itself for the sole purpose of blooming this cactus.


Week 1 - Flower Bud 

Week 3 - Flower Bud extended and developing 


Week 4 - Flower Bloom



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