Snow White Cactus Terrarium Keychain


Snow White Cactus Keychain

Snow White Cactus is native from the Argentinian mountains and is one of the most easily flowering cactus known. Unlike other cacti which flowers at the top of its body, she flowers from the base with bright red and yellow flowers to contrast her white spines. As a young cactus the spines on Snow White is soft and wool like, as she matures the spines will be firm and prickly to the touch. 

In the spring and summer this cactus can sprout flowers at the base of which are colors of intense orange and red in the right conditions. Other nicknames of this cactus are Red Crown Cactus and White Mouse Cactus.

♥ Mini Plant Info ♥
Genus name- Rebutia Minuscula
Origin- Argentina Mountains
Watering frequency- 20-30 Days
Sun requirements- Full Sun/Part Sun

How to water?
Tiny holes are located on the bottom of the capsule which allows water to soak the moss media .
What if plant outgrows capsule?
Plant can be removed from the capsule to be transplanted in a potted setting. Please see our care section for instructions.

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